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How to Choose the Best Betting Web Sites

Most of us do not live near a casino so the idea of gambling online is attractive but it can be daunting trying to find the best betting web sites. No one is comfortable giving out their banking or credit card info to a an unknown company. An easy way to start is to select a website that gives you free trial credits to gamble with. By using their credits you are not risking your own money.

However many of these sites that give free credits do still ask for vital information like a card number as a way to verify age. So you will want to find other ways to ensure your sensitive information is safe. First you can look for reviews of the betting web sites you are considering. Continue reading

Finding the Best Online Casinos

I wanted to find the best online casino for US player but I was finding that hard to do on my own. I enjoyed playing at the casino that is about an hour from my home, but I had heard a lot of good things about playing online games for real money. I decided to look into it one day, but I found out that it was not as easy as I had thought it would be. The main reason is because there were just so many different casinos around. I had no idea which one was the best one, so I thought my online gaming days were over before they even started.

I had nearly given up hope, and I am glad that I didn’t because I found a great site that made picking the right online casino so much easier. Continue reading

Best of the Online Champions

My friends and I have been playing on Poker88 Asia over the past few weeks, trying to see who can win against the most people. Each one of us thinks we’re the best at playing poker and wanted to prove it, so we made a bet. After four weeks of playing, whoever had the better win and loss record would be crowned the best poker player and will money.

On the first day of playing, I lost against an opponent, and thought that my chances of winning were over, but then my friend each lost a game too, so things were even between us and there was a possibility that I could win again. Continue reading

Which two teams will qualify for the Champions league

The season in the English Premier League is coming to its end and now we can safely say that the winner is clear. Hardly anyone will be able to catch up with Manchester United which has fifteen points ahead with nine rounds to go. With greater certainty can be said that the team of Manchester City will finish at the second place in the final standings, although the third Chelsea is only four points behind the Roberto Mancini’s team.

However, there will be a great battle for the third and fourth spots which will give places for the Champions League next season.

Currently, five teams have a chance to take this two places. These are the teams of Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton.

Chelsea are in the third place with 55 points, just one more than Tottenham, which has played a match more than the others. Arsenal are fifth with 50 points, just two more than Everton. Last in this group is Liverpool with 45 points and the have also played a match more than the others. They are with 9 points behind the fourth place with just eight games left.

What offers the betting houses as odds for which team to qualify for the Champions League. Of course, the favorite for it is Chelsea, whose chances to play in the league next year are estimated at 1.14. Surprisingly, the second is Arsenal which is evaluated with 1.72, although currently is behind Tottenham in the standings. Maybe the betting houses have taken into account the history of both clubs, which shows that more than 20 seasons Arsenal hasn’t finished behind the Spurs in the final standings. Moreover, in its last matches Arsenal performs better and they also have a bit lighter schedule to the end of the season.

Either way, Tottenham’s chances to qualify for next season’s Champions League are evaluated at 2, which is not a bad betting offer.

Much more exotic look the coefficients for the ranking in the top four for the teams from Liverpool. Everton is estimated at 10 and Liverpool at 21.

So, if you love long betting shots, this is a great option for making some predictions.

Betting prediction for Arsenal vs Reading

It seems that Reading will be one of the three teams which will be relegated from the Premier League this year and this can be secured this weekend when they visit Arsenal. The match is with great importance for the hosts as they need a victory to keep their chances of ranking in the Champions League alive. Currently Arsenal are with 4 points behind Tottenham and having a game in hand. Tottenham holds the fourth place in the current standing.

What is happening with Arsenal in recent weeks, after their victory against Bayern Munich away is more than curious. The team looks really reborn and played in a way that the fans haven’t seen for many years. The big question is how long will this boom continue and shall we see again the familiar team of Arsenal, which failed to win its important matches.

Personally, I believe that in this case, the team development will continue which the poor Redding will feel at their backs.

The motivation in the Arsenal’s players is great, while the mood for the guests seems pretty much as they but already have resigned. Arsenal will be looking to win with a difference as it is possible that the goal difference could decide who will qualify for the Champions League.

That is why the betting houses proposals on Asian Handicap, Arsenal to win the margin -2, with odds of 2 is more than fine for me.

In this betting prediction, a possible win for Arsenal by 2 goals would return the money back. A heavier win for Arsenal would bring profit. However, a home win by 1 goal and any other result would make this bet a loser.

However, I think it just will not happen and the odds on Arsenal to win by at least two goals this game are well over 50%. So this would be my bet for the day.

Here is why Martingale is so dangerous betting system

If anyone has ever had doubts about whether or not to use the betting system Martingale, it is better to read the story that follows. It proves that Martingale should be avoided at all cost as a betting system because it will always lead you to a loss of the bank.

Here’s the story. Until yesterday my betting balance for the last two years has been on plus. I think I have won a total of 5% from my bankroll for this period. Of course, I would hardly make a fortune with my bets, but in contrast, I don’t know anyone who can boast the same results. As far as I heard, 95% from the bettors are losers.

At this point, I was confident enough that I decided to try Martingale, despite my clear idea that this system is very dangerous. I bet on NBA matches and for my betting predictions I use only statistics.

I followed all odds offered by the bookmakers and the margin points they give. When I see a series of four consecutive victories over the margin for the favorite or the underdog in the match I simply start betting against them. My bank was for five steps Martingale betting and I thought that the bookies simply will not allow nine times in a row to happen the same winning odds, as it would lead to significant gains for those who are able to catch the pattern.

It turns out that I wasn’t right, as it happen just few weeks later. I had a series of nine consecutive losses for the favorite when it was valued with 1.83. Of course, this led me to a bankruptcy and my positive betting record from the last two years was severely compromised.

However, I don’t think my idea was so bad. Moreover, I think to try again and check it out with Martingale, but limited to only two steps. Doing so, I will not come into a series of large bets and huge amounts. If this method shows that there are ways to win, even with a small profit it would be great.