Best of the Online Champions

My friends and I have been playing on Poker88 Asia over the past few weeks, trying to see who can win against the most people. Each one of us thinks we’re the best at playing poker and wanted to prove it, so we made a bet. After four weeks of playing, whoever had the better win and loss record would be crowned the best poker player and will money.

On the first day of playing, I lost against an opponent, and thought that my chances of winning were over, but then my friend each lost a game too, so things were even between us and there was a possibility that I could win again. We were facing random players on the website, and if we played against each other, the game would still count to our win and loss record. There were enough players playing at all times that we didn’t run into each other. The other players that we did play against had their own individual styles and tried their best to bluff their way through some of the worst hands. A few times I was on the wrong end of a bad hand and had to pass it off like I had something really big.

Bluffing in poker is what I consider to be an art form, especially if you can do it online. You have to play the game in just the right way to make your hand look believable, and that’s not easy to do. In some ways, without being able to see another person’s face, bluffing can be done in a more advantageous way. It can work, and sometimes it won’t but if you have bad cards, then it doesn’t hurt to try it. At the end of the four weeks, I had the best record, so I won the money. and the title.