Betting prediction for Arsenal vs Reading

It seems that Reading will be one of the three teams which will be relegated from the Premier League this year and this can be secured this weekend when they visit Arsenal. The match is with great importance for the hosts as they need a victory to keep their chances of ranking in the Champions League alive. Currently Arsenal are with 4 points behind Tottenham and having a game in hand. Tottenham holds the fourth place in the current standing.

What is happening with Arsenal in recent weeks, after their victory against Bayern Munich away is more than curious. The team looks really reborn and played in a way that the fans haven’t seen for many years. The big question is how long will this boom continue and shall we see again the familiar team of Arsenal, which failed to win its important matches.

Personally, I believe that in this case, the team development will continue which the poor Redding will feel at their backs.

The motivation in the Arsenal’s players is great, while the mood for the guests seems pretty much as they but already have resigned. Arsenal will be looking to win with a difference as it is possible that the goal difference could decide who will qualify for the Champions League.

That is why the betting houses proposals on Asian Handicap, Arsenal to win the margin -2, with odds of 2 is more than fine for me.

In this betting prediction, a possible win for Arsenal by 2 goals would return the money back. A heavier win for Arsenal would bring profit. However, a home win by 1 goal and any other result would make this bet a loser.

However, I think it just will not happen and the odds on Arsenal to win by at least two goals this game are well over 50%. So this would be my bet for the day.