Here is why Martingale is so dangerous betting system

If anyone has ever had doubts about whether or not to use the betting system Martingale, it is better to read the story that follows. It proves that Martingale should be avoided at all cost as a betting system because it will always lead you to a loss of the bank.

Here’s the story. Until yesterday my betting balance for the last two years has been on plus. I think I have won a total of 5% from my bankroll for this period. Of course, I would hardly make a fortune with my bets, but in contrast, I don’t know anyone who can boast the same results. As far as I heard, 95% from the bettors are losers.

At this point, I was confident enough that I decided to try Martingale, despite my clear idea that this system is very dangerous. I bet on NBA matches and for my betting predictions I use only statistics.

I followed all odds offered by the bookmakers and the margin points they give. When I see a series of four consecutive victories over the margin for the favorite or the underdog in the match I simply start betting against them. My bank was for five steps Martingale betting and I thought that the bookies simply will not allow nine times in a row to happen the same winning odds, as it would lead to significant gains for those who are able to catch the pattern.

It turns out that I wasn’t right, as it happen just few weeks later. I had a series of nine consecutive losses for the favorite when it was valued with 1.83. Of course, this led me to a bankruptcy and my positive betting record from the last two years was severely compromised.

However, I don’t think my idea was so bad. Moreover, I think to try again and check it out with Martingale, but limited to only two steps. Doing so, I will not come into a series of large bets and huge amounts. If this method shows that there are ways to win, even with a small profit it would be great.